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Please use the menu below to see what sightseeing, shopping, entertainment and dining options are available in San Rafael.

San Rafael is good for for shopping. Very close to the Student Home is the popular Northgate Mall, a large shopping center with a great food court and movie theater. Safeway Supermarket is also nearby, and is ideal for stocking up on everything you need.

Northgate Mall

Northgate Mall is the only enclosed mall in Marin County, and is located just 1½ blocks from the Student Home. The mall is a large shopping center that includes Macy's, Sears and 100 other speciality stores. There are also many restaurants and coffee shops, a food court and a 15-screen movie theater. A great place for shopping and eating!

Safeway Supermarket

Always popular with our students, this large supermarket is only a few blocks from the Student Home and is the perfect place to buy a wide range of groceries and cleaning products. You can walk there in 10 minutes, ride a bicycle there in 5 minutes, or take our free shuttle bus (which only takes about 3 minutes).

Whole Foods Grocery Store

If you want the very best, organic produce and meats, you should try Whole Foods. There, you'll also find homeopathic medicine, a large selection of cheese and hot meals. But be warned though: it's not cheap! Our free shuttle bus will get you there in 5-10 minutes.

Fourth Street

Fourth Street is San Rafael's downtown area. The street is a pleasant place to walk around and enjoy all that is on offer. There are numerous small speciality stores, along with restaurants, coffee shops and ice cream parlors.

Asian Market

The Asian Market has a small but good selection of Asian foods including Chinese, Thai, Korean and Japanese. Our free shuttle bus will get you there in 5-10 minutes.

The Village

Located in Corte Madera (about 10 kilometers south of the Student Home), this shopping center is the best in Marin County if you are looking for fashion. You will find the upscale Nordstrom department store, Macy's and 80 speciality stores.

Trader Joe's Groceries

Trader Joe's at Montecito Shopping Center is not only very inexpensive but you also find excellent groceries there. Many items are imported. Trader Joe's is our favorite grocery store. Our free shuttle bus will get you there in 5-10 minutes.

Town Center

Also located in Corte Madera, the Town Center is the prettiest of the shopping centers in Marin County. Besides numerous stores, you'll also find excellent food here, including Il Fornaio (an Italian restaurant) and A.G. Ferrari (an Italian deli and grocery store).

Vintage Oaks

Vintage Oaks is the home of large discount stores, including Target and Costco Wholesale.It is in the town of Novato, about 13 kilometers north of the Student Home; it can be easily reached by public bus.

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