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About Sunrise Homes International

Founded in 2003, Sunrise Homes International, Inc. is a residential property management company that specializes in providing a comfortable home for international students during their studies in the USA. We work with many schools, colleges and universities in California to provide their international students with the best accommodation. Our company's president is a former international student in the USA, so we fully understand the needs and wants of our guests.

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Our experienced property managers know how to communicate with international students and address their needs. We enjoy the interaction with our residents; we care for their wellbeing; and we do our best to provide them with a wonderful living experience in the USA.

Mission statement

Our aim is to set up and manage buildings in the USA that provide ideal accommodation for international students and serve their unique requirements. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, our sensibility to student needs and our creativity contribute to a positive studying experience in the USA, while our efficiency contributes to the success of our company, and to the benefit of our employees, partners and shareholders.


Our headquarters are located in beautiful San Rafael, California – not far from where we opened our first Student Home in February 2004. For further information, please contact us